BAC Recent Meeting in pictures 2016
(Photos by: Shah Haleem)

BAC Current Activities in pictures 2015
(Photos by: Naz Husain)


BAC Current Activities in pictures 2013
(Photos by: Naz Husain)

BAC-mtg-karl BAC-fundraising BAC-mtg-karl
BAC Contr Mtg with Karl 02/04/2013 BAC Fundraising at Shanai 03/03/2013 BAC Contr Latest Dev 10/29/2013

Year 2012 Activities in pictures
(Photos by: Naz Husain)

Clinic-at-BAC BAC_Townhall_Meeting BAC GRB Meeting BAC Clinic Meeting
Clinic at BAC:Grand Opening 01/22/2012 BAC Townhall Meeting 02/01/2012 BAC GRB Meeting 02/26/2012 BAC Clinic Meeting 02/26/2012
GRB Prep Meeting GRB & Karl mtg GRB & Karl mtg
BAC GRB Prep Meeting 03/04/2012 BAC GRB-Karl Meeting 03/11/2012 Grand Breaking Ceremony 03/18/2012 BAC GRB-Karl Meeting 04/04/2012
BAC Const Signing BAC Construction
BAC Construction Signing 06/28/2012 BAC Construction 12/08/2012

Year 2011 Activities in pictures
(Photos by: Naz Husain)

meeting photos EB meeting EB meeting
Preparing the Shahid Minar 02/19/2011 BAC EB Meeting 04/06/2011 BAC EB OC meeting 04/10/2011 BAC FR Townhall meeting 04/30/2011
Donor Conference Karl Watson signing Town Hall Meeting BAC Retreat
BAC Donor Conference 06/04/2011 Karl Watson Signing 06/15/2011 Town Hall Meeting 06/10/2011 BAC Retreat Meeting 07/15/2011
Bounce Karlwatson-mtg Townhall Mtg BAC FR_mtg
FunDay Bounce & meeting 07/23/2011 BAC-Karl Watson Mtg 08/06/2011 Townhall Mtg Maharaja 08/14/2011 BAC Fundraising Meeting 09/07/2011
Eid_Reunion bah-clinic-mtg watson design mtg
Eid_Reunion & BAC_fundraising 09/24/2011 BAH/BAC Charity Clinic Mtg 10/16/2011 Carl Watson Meeting 10/26/2011

Year 2010 BAC Activities in pictures
(Photos by: Naz Husain)

meeting#3 meeting#6 meeting#8
James Fund Raising 01/02/2010 BAC Fund-raising meeting #3 02/10/2010 BAC Fund-raising meeting #6 03/10/2010 BAC Fund-raising meeting #8 03/24/2010
meeting#10 meeting#12 EB meeting#13 meeting#14
BAC Fund-raising meeting #10 04/07/2010 BAC Fund-raising meeting #12 04/21/2010 BAC EB meeting #13 04/28/2010 BAC Fund-raising meeting #14 05/05/2010
meeting#19 22_06oct10
BAC EB meeting #19 07/21/2010 BAC EB meeting 10/06/2010

Year 2009 BAC Activities in pictures
(Photos by: Naz Husain)

Meet with BASGH 01/10/2009 Fixing Children Playpen 02/12/2009 Meeting at Starbuck 03/11/2009 Fixing Front Gate 06/20/2009

BAC EB Meeting 08/05/2009 BAC General Meeting 08/19/2009 BAC EB Meeting 08/23/2009 BAC Center Cleanup Operation 10/08/2009
Cleanup & BAC-EB Meeting 11/05/2009 Monpura Movie Show 11/22/2009 BAC Last Cleanup Operation 11/25/2009 BAC Monthly Meeting, 12/06/2009

Photo Album of Early Days
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