Vision Statement

The vision of BAC is to unite the people of Bangladeshi origin in North America by providing a permanent physical location to display, demonstrate and represent Bangladeshi culture and heritage. BAC will also provide physical facilities where ideas can be shared and exchanged to promote and increase understanding of diversity and peaceful integration; pursue and achieve common goals within the framework of BAH constitution.

Mission Statement

The mission of BAC is to facilitate social, cultural, intellectual, and educational activities of the Bangladesh-American Community, involving the Bangladeshi Americans or any other groups generally interested in promoting BAC vision and core values.

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Core Values
  • BAC shall be open to all freedom loving people.
  • BAC shall promote and uphold the culture, heritage, and values of Bangladesh in North America.
  • BAC shall uphold the values stated in the BAH constitution.
  • BAC shall maintain true transparency in all of its financial accounts.
  • BAC shall be governed by a democratic process; where the majority shall rule but the difference of opinions will be respected.
  • BAC shall remain non-political and secular.
  • BAC shall not allow any fundamentalism, cult, or fanaticism of any kind.

  • Cost Estimate Phases
    Construction Summary

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    Bangladesh Association Houston

    Bangladesh-American Center in Houston Made Headline News!
    Bangladesh Association held the first ever Donor Conference on June 4th, 2011 at Stafford Civic Center where Bangladesh Ambassador H.E. Mr Akramul Qader was our Chief Guest. Read more, Click here

    Second BAC Donor Conference Held on Saturday, 3rd November, 2012
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    BAC Ground-Breaking Ceremony Held on Sunday, March 18, 2011
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    BAC Annual Donor Conference held on June 4, 2011
    Let's Build Our Center,  Let's Build Bangladesh American Center
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    BAC Profile Final : Web version

    Photos of BAC Founding Members (as made available)

    BAC History in Photos since inception (Sep 24, 2011): By Naz Husain 

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    (BAC Donor Conference TV Commercial with revised voiceover)
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    Bangladesh-American Center (BAC), in Houston was established in 2001 under the umbrella organization Bangladesh Association, Houston - a non-profit organization in the state of Texas and granted the Internal Revenue Tax exempted 501(c)3 status. The organization is efficiently operated by individuals on purely donated time. While BAC Executive/Advisory Board of Directors are fully prepared to invest time, but are constantly faced with severe jolts and pauses from lack of funds to build a viable Center for the whole community to participate.

    Nurturing the positive aspects of heritage, people from Bangladesh, will certainly add to the richness of American diversity. A proud and organized representation of Bangla language, culture & heritage is a valuable contribution to the American society. The Bangladesh-American Center will offer a wide range of programs, activities and functions including:

    Social: A permanent physical location to display, demonstrate and represent Bangladeshi culture and heritage as well as facilities and exchanged to promote diversity and increased understanding of multi-culture and social integration. Pursue and achieve common goals, and preserve Bangladesh culture and heritage. Along with services in providing: Medical Care, Sports and Athletics, Language School, Learning & Culture Center and services to the community.

    BAC deeply appreciates your valued consideration and has great hope in the spirit of philanthropic support. With this goal in mind the community raised the money to buy 3.94 acres of land in South West Houston at a cost of $137,500.00 in October of 2001. Since then the community has been working on the fencing the premises, develop an Community Organic Garden and Fund Raising activities for the First Building with Land Development.

    With the goals being set for completion of BAC first building within the year 2010, the Bangladeshi community has begun to raise funds.

    Currently, BAC has developed a steady income to maintain current trailer office and its operations via a committed group of donors known as Friends of BAC (FOBAC). BAC needs to raise additional capital to actually build the center that will cost an estimated $500,000.00. This will allow community to get to the real purpose of the Center. It is with these purposes of raising funds for building the Bangladesh American Center.

    Current Activities

    Bangladesh American Center News
    Dec 2012
    (updated: Dec 05)

    Press Release:BAC Financial Data
    December 05, 2012
    From: Bangladesh-American Center
    13415 Renn Road, Houston, TX 77083
    Dear Members:
    On behalf of Bangladesh Association, Houston, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for completing the biggest Milestone of the construction of the Bangladesh-American Center. Your contribution and your support have made the Metal Building erected at the BAC Foundation @ 13415 Renn Road, Houston, TX 77083.
    The BAC Metal building is under the construction and in the making in front of our eyes this week and we want you (the community folks) to witness the progress of such monumental task lead by the BAC volunteers, along with the donors like you. Thanks’ a million. The October and November 2012 summarized BAC Financial Statements are attached for you to review along they are available on with all of the Bank and Financial Statements. It is important for our members to check your donation dollar – how the fund has been spent – full details of all the expenses are available for you to review. As you know, we have been working very hard to build this Center, which is critical for you to know that this project is under construction and we need your help to bring a closer to have this “Little Bangladesh” icon in the city of Houston. It will not only be the icon in the city of Houston but an icon in the whole North America – a shinning pride-beacon of Bangaldesh. The grand opening will be soon but your presence at the Center construction site will make a huge difference in getting your blessing and prayer during this progress.
    Sincerely, Arun Roy, BAH Chairperson

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    See first Construction video July1,2012

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    A 30 Second video for Bangladesh American Center is ready for TV Ad

    Please watch a 30 sec TVC for BAC to be aired on national TV soon. Produced as a courtesy by Azadul Haq (www.imageus,net), modeling by Design Alliance and voiceover by Abeda Chaudhury Simin. We recognize the efforts of Shah Haleem Mithu and Saddam Ahmad Leo for successfully completing the project.

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